He And His Wife Planned To Start Their Family Soon, But He Just Realized He Really Doesn’t Want Kids And Isn’t Sure How To Break The News

Monkey Business - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This 32-year-old guy first met his wife, who is also 32, back when they were in high school. Then, they officially began dating in college and have been married for six years now.

Ever since they became exclusive, they’ve always had the same plan, too. He and his wife both wanted to focus on their careers first. Then, once they reached a solid “level,” they wanted to move in together, get serious, and tie the knot.

“We also discussed kids, and we both wanted two kids,” he recalled.

“So now, we have great careers, have been married for a few years, and bought a house together last year.”

However, his wife is currently working on a huge project– which requires her to travel in and out of their state for the next five months. Once that is over, they plan to begin building their family.

He has already spent the past two years saving up for kids, and he even has two small college funds already created.

“I never really thought I wouldn’t want kids,” he admitted.

Yet, over the past six months, he has felt shockingly hesitant every time his wife has brought up children. And over the past week, while his wife was out of town, he reflected on his hesitation until the realization hit him: he just doesn’t want children.

Apparently, the reason why is because he’s just worried about the fate of the world in terms of the economy and global warming. He also really appreciates his and his wife’s autonomy over their lives, and he isn’t ready to give that up, either.

Monkey Business – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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