He Broke Up With His Girlfriend After She Flipped Out On Him For Wanting To Buy Golf Clubs, Because She Thought That Would Impact Them Being Able To Get Married And Buy A Home, Even Though He Has $145,000 Saved

Drobot Dean - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

For more than two years, this man has been in a relationship with his girlfriend.

Throughout their time together, they’ve had quite a few arguments, but recently, they had a huge and pretty ridiculous fight.

Over the last six months, he and his girlfriend have been discussing the idea of marriage and purchasing a home. To get prepared for that, they have both been saving up as much money as possible.

“Currently, I have about $145,000 saved, not including retirement or investments, and she has about $23,000 saved. My plan was to use (from my money) $90,000 for all the housing costs (down payment, closing, moving, furniture), $30,000 for the wedding, and $25,000 for an emergency fund. I never really discussed with her how we’d allocate her money,” he said.

For a little more than a month, he has been debating on purchasing new golf clubs. Right now, he has a set of beginner golf clubs from three years ago that he bought for about $400.

“The plan was to get 2022/2023 model clubs this winter since they’ll be a bit cheaper with the new 2024 models coming out. I budgeted about $2,600 for a new set, plus about $200 for a fitting,” he explained.

When he discussed this plan with his girlfriend, she was incredibly angry, and since he mentioned it, she constantly complained about it and made it evident that she didn’t approve.

Several times, she’s demanded that he show her his savings account so that he can prove to her that he’s still making deposits into it. Whenever he’s looking at a golf-themed website, his girlfriend scolds him for it, saying that since he’s not going to buy new golf clubs, he doesn’t need to be on that website in the first place.

Plus, she took a photo of the set of golf clubs that he currently has so that she can make sure he doesn’t buy new golf clubs behind her back whenever he leaves the house to play golf.

Drobot Dean – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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