He Refused To Give His Girlfriend His Jacket And Shoes On Their Date Because He Felt Like He Was Getting Taken Advantage of For Always Being Chivalrous

teksomolika - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 21-year-old guy has been with his girlfriend, who is 25, for about 9 months. And so far, their relationship has been great, and he thinks he treats his girlfriend very well.

“I’m a very chivalrous person– opening doors, walking by the road, giving her my jacket when she’s cold, taking her out on dates and such,” he explained.

But recently, he feels as though his girlfriend has been taking advantage of his kindness by intentionally leaving her jacket behind and wearing uncomfortable shoes.

In other words, whenever they go out, his girlfriend will get cold or uncomfortable. So, he’s forced to hand over his jacket and his shoes, leaving him cold and barefooted.

“I would have been carrying her instead, but I have back issues, and putting any form of pressure on my back is not advised,” he noted.

Not to mention, his girlfriend used to be diligent about bringing both a jacket and some ballet flats with her in case she needed to change her shoes.

So, he eventually started to get a bit fed up and asked her why she stopped bringing those items with her when they went out.

Well, his girlfriend claimed that she just couldn’t find her ballet flats and admitted to always forgetting her jacket.

This inspired him to buy his girlfriend a new pair of flats that he could keep in his car before they went out on a date again two days ago.

teksomolika – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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