Her Broke Up With His Girlfriend Over Her Son’s Behavior, Which Makes Him Feel Horrible

armada1985 - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 39-year-old man just broke up with his girlfriend, 32, and he feels terrible about it.

In the beginning, he and his girlfriend got along great and were on the same wavelength about their views.

Coincidentally, they both had children and eventually, they felt ready to have their children meet one another.

He has one daughter who’s 5-years-old, while his girlfriend has a son and a daughter who are around that age as well.

“My daughter is very quiet and shy like me. She tends to go with the flow and is overall a wonderful little girl. She can step out of line, but I am quick to set her straight. She has never yelled, thrown a tantrum, or anything. When she gets upset, she’ll start to whine, but I stop that immediately, and we talk it out. I tell her to use her words and to tell me what’s going on,” he said.

However, his girlfriend didn’t parent her children this way, and she cautioned him about this ahead of time. She was apprehensive prior to him meeting her children.

Finally, he met her children one day, and they were sweet, energetic, and compassionate.

“However, the day I met them was kind of a shocker. I watched as the son was all over the place and fighting with his little sister, which siblings will do, but then I watched him punch, kick, throw her on the ground, jump on her, and then choke her. I was a bit concerned, like, is that normal behavior???” he said.

At the time, he rationalized that this could have been happening because it was her children’s first time being around him. But on every single occasion that he was around her children, his girlfriend’s son had several tantrums throughout the day.

armada1985 – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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