Her Friend Screamed At Her For Not Agreeing To Wear A One-Piece Swimsuit While On Vacation In Italy In Order To Make Her Feel Better About Her Body

Aleh Varanishcha - illustrative purposes only

Have you ever been asked to cover up or wear a more modest bathing suit during a day in the water?

One woman was recently asked by her friend, who recently had a baby, to wear one-piece bathing suits instead of bikinis while they were on vacation because she felt insecure.

She’s 29 and recently traveled to Europe with her husband for two weeks. While they were there, she found out that her friend from college, Lizzie, and her husband would be vacationing in Italy at the same time as them.

“After we found out that both our families were gonna be in the same area for a few days, I suggested that we meet up and spend a day together,” she said.

“They happily agreed. My husband and I had chartered a small yacht to take us around Italy for three days, and we invited them to come with us for two of the three days we had the boat.”

The first day on the yacht seemed to go perfectly. She hadn’t seen Lizzie, who had a baby a year ago, in a long time, so it was great that they had the opportunity to catch up.

She spent the day lounging around in a fairly skimpy bikini while Lizzie wore a one-piece bathing suit.

However, on the second day on the yacht, Lizzie pulled her aside so she could talk with her. 

Lizzie started her confrontation by telling her that she’s been feeling very insecure since having her baby because she’s put on some weight. 

Aleh Varanishcha – illustrative purposes only

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