Her Husband Flipped Out On Her Because She Forgot To Include Him In A Little Activity With Their Daughter The Night Before Her First Day of School

Tatiana Foxy - illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

When you’re a parent, there are often a lot of moments during your child’s life that you don’t want to miss. But unfortunately, you can’t be there for all of them.

One woman was shocked after her husband flipped out on her because she forgot to include him in a little activity with their daughter the night before her first day of school.

She has a five-year-old daughter named Tegan, who just started kindergarten. Tegan had been nervous about the upcoming school year all summer, so she wanted to find an activity they could do together to make everything feel more fun.

“While browsing Amazon, I came across ‘First Day of School’ chalkboards and bought one with chalk markers to do with my daughter the night before school starts,” she said.

“They came in the mail very quickly, so I put them aside with a few other purchases, as I didn’t need them for a few days.”

The ‘First Day of School’ chalkboards often leave sections for parents and their kids to write out the grade they’re going into, their teacher, what their favorite subject is, what they want to be where they grow up, etc. They’re a fun way to get kids excited for school and make great photo props.

Unfortunately, the chalkboard she bought ended up causing a lot of drama in her house.

The night before school, she was very busy. She took Tegan school supply shopping and then played with her and her two-year-old in their backyard pool. During this time, her husband complained about how hot it was outside, so he stayed inside and played video games for two hours.

“When the kids and I went inside at 6:00 pm, I gave the kids baths and then cooked dinner for everyone,” she recalled.

Tatiana Foxy – illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

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