Her Husband Keeps Going Out With His Friends Until The Early Hours of The Morning, And She’s Hurt He Doesn’t Try To Hang Out With Her Too

She mostly hangs out, cleans, cooks, works, and does her online classes. She feels hurt that her husband constantly goes out with his friends and excludes her and that she doesn’t have friends of her own to hang out with when he’s busy.

“The morning after all this, completely unprompted, he bought me a big bouquet of roses and daisies with a bow and a cute card and my favorite coffee and apologized for being out late,” she shared.

After giving her these gifts, he told her that for the last five years, one of his good friends had been living abroad, and the previous night was the first time the entire friend group had been reunited in a while.

Even though she’s been feeling hurt and angry about her lack of socialization and her husband’s constant absence, she hasn’t talked to him about it. Upon reflection, she thinks she needs to get better at standing up for herself and vocalizing her needs.

Do you think she is right to feel hurt that her husband went out drinking with his friends?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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