Her Husband’s Daughter Passed Away Eight Years Ago, And She Thinks It’s Crazy That He Keeps Her Room With All Her Things In It When Her Own Daughter Could Be Using It

New Africa - illustrative purposes only

This 38-year-old woman got married to her 41-year-old husband several months ago, and they have been together for five years so far.

She has two daughters from a previous relationship, who are 12 and 14, and her husband did have a daughter of his own, but she sadly passed away eight years ago.

After her husband’s daughter passed away, he left her bedroom completely untouched. He never changed a single thing, and he never took any of his daughter’s belongings out of the room.

She and her daughters moved in with her husband not too long ago, and prior to that, they lived in an apartment.

Her husband’s home has three bedrooms, but since she and her husband have one of them and his daughter’s room is the second one, her daughters have to share a bedroom.

It wouldn’t bother her if her husband wanted to hang onto his daughter’s things, but it does really irritate her that he has left his daughter’s bedroom the way it is.

“I think it’s fine he keeps some of his daughter’s stuff, but I think it’s ridiculous to keep her whole room, especially considering it has been 8 years,” she explained.

“Today, I decided to ask if he would consider getting rid of some of his daughter’s stuff so both girls get their own room. He got upset and said I was insensitive for expecting him to get rid of his daughter’s stuff.”

“I told him it has been 8 years, and I’m not expecting him to get rid of everything Just enough so both girls have their own room.”

New Africa – illustrative purposes only

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