Her Last Dating Adventure Ended In Her Finding Out The Guy Had Multiple Girlfriends In Multiple Cities

alones - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

If you’re thinking about signing up for an online dating site, this might not convince you to take the leap. TikToker Sarah (@sarahg374) is detailing the events of her latest dating adventure, involving a guy with a history of assault and who had multiple girlfriends in multiple cities.

A while ago, she signed up for a reputable online dating service that did background checks on people to ensure that all users’ information was legitimate.

A few months ago, she matched with a guy named Jason, who seemed perfect on paper. They went on a first date, but it also ended up being their last.

So, the date had been going well until he mentioned to Sarah that he was still married. Then, he told her that he was in the United States Army Special Forces.

Before the date ended, they exchanged phone numbers. Afterward, they started to chat some more. Sarah is a veteran herself, and after questioning him about his background, she concluded that he was not in the Army Special Forces.

Then, he proceeded to FaceTime her. While they were video chatting, she noticed that there was a comforter with a floral print behind him, which confirmed to her that he was indeed married.

Sarah contacted the company that had set her up with this guy and informed them that he was a liar. To prevent other women from being scammed by him, Sarah decided to post a warning about him in an online forum for women.

Within an hour, she received messages from two different women regarding her post. Sarah explained to them about the red flags she had witnessed from him.

Weeks later, a third woman responded to one of the messages, asking if Sarah had bailed him out of jail for assaulting his fifteen-year-old daughter. Of course, Sarah clarified that she did no such thing.

alones – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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