Her Son Keeps Using The Fact That She And Her Husband Missed His Wedding Two Years Ago To Get His Way, So She Finally Told Him To Get Over It

omelnickiy - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

After this woman’s son graduated from college, he received a great job opportunity on the other side of the country. So, he moved, and two years ago, he got married to his wife, Jenny.

Now, she heard that it was a gorgeous wedding. However, she simply was not able to make it.

She and her husband obviously planned to attend, and they booked a Thursday evening flight to travel to the wedding– which was set to take place on Saturday.

But unfortunately, the flight was delayed not once, not twice, but five times due to inclement weather. In fact, all of the planes were grounded and canceled because of a major storm.

“When that happened, it was clear we were not leaving and driving there would take too long and we would still miss the ceremony,” she recalled.

So, she and her husband were forced to call their son and let him know. Rather than understanding, though, he was absolutely furious.

They tried to send their “well wishes” and tell their son that they could FaceTime into the wedding. However, her son told her no, and all she saw was a video of him tying the knot afterward.

And even though that was two years ago, her son continues to hold it against her and her husband to this day. Whenever they get into an argument, or her son wants them to do something, he will pull the “missed wedding” card.

More recently, this all came to a head during a discussion about Thanksgiving.

omelnickiy – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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