Her Stepsister Is Furious With Her For Holding Her Wedding At Her Dream Venue, But She Told Her Stepsister She Can’t Even Afford This Place

Ulia Koltyrina - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Next year, this 25-year-old woman is getting married.

She has been in the planning process for six months. Quite early on, she chose her wedding venue, which is the same one that her 27-year-old stepsister Lucy had said she wanted to have her dream wedding at.

Later on, she told her family which venue she’d chosen, and Lucy was furious when she heard the news.

“She said I’m a sneaky jerk for picking that venue when I knew she had always said that was her ideal wedding venue. I understand her disappointment, but this reaction is, in my opinion, over the top,” she said.

She believes that Lucy is being overdramatic because the venue in question is a well-known landmark with a famous history. For decades, people have chosen to get married there, and many will continue to do so.

Even though Lucy has dreamed of getting married at this venue, she has always adored this venue for years. She wouldn’t be upset if Lucy decided to still get married at this venue someday if she wanted to.

Also, it’s extremely expensive to get married at this venue. Her dad’s family and her fiancé’s family are helping to fund the wedding, so she knew that they had a decent budget to work with, but she still felt sticker shock when she learned how much money they’d have to spend on the venue alone.

“When I contacted the wedding planner and asked if we’d be able to get the exact venue for $100,000, she laughed at me and said the venue would not return our call for that price,” she explained.

Even though she knows that Lucy has said that “‘If she could pick anywhere in the world,'” she would get married at this venue, she pointed out that sometimes things don’t turn out the way we imagined, so there’s no guarantee that Lucy would even be able to get married at this venue, anyway.

Ulia Koltyrina – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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