Her Teen Daughter Got Dress-Coded For Wearing A Sheer Swimsuit Coverup, And She’s Refusing To Fight The School On It

JackF - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman has a 15-year-old daughter, and most parents of teens know that, around this age, dress codes can become an issue.

Although, she believes that her daughter’s school has a pretty reasonable dress code. She also has two older children, and neither of them was ever dress-coded at the school.

The rule is essentially that no undergarments should be seen.

“And this affects the guys more than the girls,” she explained, “Since their pants are not being held up and boxers are seen.”

But, last week, her daughter did come under fire at school for her outfit.

For context, she does not see her kids off when they go to school in the morning. Instead, she has to leave early, and she believes her kids are old enough to get on the bus without her there.

That’s why she didn’t see what her daughter was wearing before the teen got dress-coded.

Rather, she just realized after school that her daughter had returned home wearing gym clothes. At that point, she found out what happened and also received an email from the school– which included a photo of the shirt that her daughter had been wearing.

To be clear, the school took the photo of the shirt after her daughter had changed into gym clothes. And the shirt was actually a sheer swimsuit coverup– something that she’s fine with her daughter wearing to the beach, but not to school.

JackF – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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