Here’s How You Can Make Friendly’s Iconic Monster Mash Sundae Right At Home

Below that, you will also want to center one cherry and push it into the ice cream scoop. This will act as the nose.

Then, grab the hot fudge sauce and drizzle it over the back of the ice cream scoop to create some hair. Also, spray some whipped cream behind the hot fudge hair.

Last but not least, open up a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup package, break the candy in half, and place each half at the top of the scoop to create ears.

There you have it! This sundae could not be simpler or more delectable, making it the perfect activity for adults and kids alike to enjoy for a Halloween movie marathon or just a post-dinner treat.

Do you plan to add this dessert to your repertoire this fall? What was your favorite Friendly’s sundae as a kid?

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