Here’s How You Can Make Wearing High Heels More Comfortable On Your Feet

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Have you ever had that internal struggle where you are desperate to wear a cute pair of high heels during a night out with friends but ultimately decide not to because you know your feet will hurt?

It’s something many of us deal with, and sometimes, we find ourselves sacrificing fashion for comfort since we want to avoid going home with sore legs and blistered ankles.

However, there are some great hacks and tips out there that can help make your dream pair of high heels a bit more comfortable so you can finally wear them out and about.

First things first, you need to stop being too adventurous with your heels, especially if you have sensitive feet and little experience walking in them. Sure, you may love how a five or six-inch stiletto looks in the store or on a runway model, and sure, they may look great on you as you stand still and look in a mirror.

But if you really want a solid pair of heels you can walk around in for a while, consider shorter options. While a heel of three inches or lower may not sound too glamorous, there are some really cute ones out there. Plus, with all this y2K fashion making a comeback, kitten heels and shorter-heeled shoes are back in style!

Don’t set yourself up for failure and buy an extremely tall, skinny pair of heels and think they’ll be the ones you’ll be wearing on the street all the time. Buy a more sustainable pair!

After buying a new pair of heels, you’ll want to break them in before wearing them immediately during a night out. Wearing them out of the box is a recipe for disaster.

There are various methods for breaking in your heels without walking around in them and getting hurt, but one involves wearing a thick pair of socks, putting the heels on, then blow drying them with a blow dryer on low for a few minutes.

While this method may sound bizarre, the heat from the dryer will help mold the heels to the shape of your feet while the socks expedite the process.

ID 108513849 – © Kaspars Grinvalds – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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