Here’s How You Can Make Wearing High Heels More Comfortable On Your Feet

You’ll also want to make sure you stock up on the many helpful foot and anti-blister products out there so you’re ready to customize any new pair of heels you purchase for your feet.

For instance, if your feet tend to slip around in heels, get a bunch of heel grippers. Buy liquid band-aids and moleskin for any spots on your heels that cause blisters, and try a shoe insert designed for the balls of your feet.

Having all this stuff on hand will help you assess any damage your dream heels are causing and modify them to suit your feet better. Thankfully, many of these products are affordable at drugstores!

Finally, when you’re ready to wear your heels out in the world, don’t forget to be mindful of how you walk. If you’re slamming your feet down, practicing bad posture, and walking too quickly, you’re bound to hurt yourself or damage your heels.

Remember to slow down! If you’re wearing your heels while out with friends, ask them to bear with you, or better yet, find another girl in your group wearing heels and stick with her.

When walking in heels, the best way to walk is heel to toe, not toe to heel. While it may seem more logical to get the balls of your feet on the ground first, walking heel to toe will give you more stability and more comfort in the end. Try not to overthink your walk, but just stay mindful of it!

So there you go, some tips and tricks on how to make your heels more comfortable. Now go have fun and strut your stuff!

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