His Mom Found Out The Real Reason Why He’s Not Dating Women Anymore, And Now She’s Threatening To Disown Him

Strelciuc - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This 23-year-old guy was talking to his 45-year-old mom on the phone earlier this morning, and his mom began kind of flooding him with questions.

He just moved to a new state, and so his mom was asking him things in an effort to check in with him.

Eventually, his mom got around to questioning him about if he had come across any girls in his new area that he would like to take out on a date.

He informed his mom that, no, he isn’t dating any girls right now. His mom kept prying, however, and wanted to know why he actually hasn’t dated anyone in years.

He did used to date around when he was much younger, and his dad actually overheard this part of the conversation with his mom.

His dad chimed in about the real reason why, and that made his mom explode.

“…That’s when my dad came into the conversation and said “Oh because he’s a habitual cheater” and that’s when the blowup began,” he explained.

“The truth is, yes, I am a habitual cheater, and I told my dad this years ago after my therapist said I should tell someone meaningful [about] my problem.”

“I’m not going to make excuses, and I know full well I’m a POS. It started in high school when I dated a girl who cheated on me, and when I found out, I decided to do it right back; the thing is, though, it felt really good to do it, like really good.”

Strelciuc – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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