His Wife Is Mad That He Bought His Biological Daughter A Car As A Reward For Doing Well In School, But He Didn’t Buy One For His Stepdaughter

“But Jenny pulled me aside after Emily went to school and told me I was being unfair since Emily had different circumstances than Christina.”

For the first 12 years of Emily’s life, she was heavily spoiled by her wealthy dad while he was still in the picture. He got her everything she wanted as soon as she asked for it, and because of that, she hardly developed a work ethic.

But when she was 12, Emily’s dad was arrested for tax fraud and is currently in prison. Since her dad went to prison, Emily has struggled to live a more normal, humble life that involves working hard.

However, he believes this is not a valid reason to give her a car.

“I told Jenny that I think my only wrongdoing was not helping Emily develop a work ethic sooner, and my hope is that she rises to the occasion, cleans up her act, and gets the car,” he added.

“I also said I would do everything I could to help Emily research colleges and perfect her application, but Jenny wasn’t having it.”

Since having this conversation with Jenny, she and Emily have been giving him the cold shoulder. He’s still being accused of treating Christina better than he has Emily in this situation.

Should he be more lenient with Emily or stand his ground?

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