His Wife Mocked The Engagement Ring He Bought Her On Social Media, Before Laughing And Making Fun of Him To His Face

Piman Khrutmuang - illustrative purposes only

Several weeks ago, this man’s brother proposed to his girlfriend.

His brother picked out an engagement ring that was about twice the size of the engagement ring he’d given his wife.

Back when he’d wanted to propose to his wife, he was struggling financially, and even though he wished he could have bought her a larger diamond, he had to go with something smaller.

“At the moment, I presented my situation to her, and she said she didn’t care and just wanted to get married,” he said.

Despite not having a lot of money saved up for a ring, he did his best to find a wonderful ring, and he even chose a larger diamond than the one the ring originally came with.

When his brother got engaged, he and his wife had been married for a few months. An aunt and uncle recently renewed their wedding vows, and their uncle gave their aunt a bigger ring. So, in a kind gesture, their aunt sold his brother her old ring, and she gave him a good deal.

Because he had already gotten married to his wife, he didn’t feel jealous or like their aunt favored his brother. In his view, it seemed like it was just good timing since he was planning to get engaged, and their aunt and uncle renewed their vows around the same time.

After his brother proposed, his wife has been making rude comments about how his family seems to favor other family members and that she isn’t treated as well as other significant others in the family. He tries to assure her that that’s not true, but they fight about it constantly.

Now, his wife is being unfair about how he had to get her a slightly smaller ring when they got engaged. He said that if she could wait about a year, he could save up enough money to get her a bigger diamond than the one she has on her ring currently.

Piman Khrutmuang – illustrative purposes only

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