His Wife Was Devastated When Her Cousin’s Boyfriend Proposed In The Middle of Their Wedding Reception, So He Kicked The Couple Out

“I told Ross that I didn’t appreciate him upstaging us and that I thought it would be best if he and Rachel left so we could enjoy the rest of the night,” he continued.

“Ross started arguing with me, saying that I was acting nuts, which caused more of a scene than I expected or wanted because a small group of our wedding guests overheard the conversation and jumped in with their opinions.”

Eventually, Ross and Rachel relented and left. However, throughout the rest of the reception, guests gossiped about Ross’s proposal, as well as how Ross and Rachel were asked to leave because of it.

Despite everyone appearing to be on their side, he and his wife didn’t like that the conversations continued to revolve around Ross and Rachel.

The whole point of kicking them out in the first place was so that he and his wife could put the proposal out of their minds and have fun.

Now, in hindsight, his wife thinks that it would have been a better idea to just feign excitement for Ross and Rachel and just try to move on.

She thinks that if they’d done that, maybe the guests would have eventually moved on, too, and just enjoyed the reception.

In her view, it seems like kicking Ross and Rachel out backfired because it drew even more attention to the proposal, which wasn’t her husband’s intention.

Then, Rachel’s mother reached out to his wife’s mother about the situation and said that it was inappropriate for him to confront Ross on the dance floor.

Rachel’s mother believed that he should have gone with Ross to a private area to discuss his feelings.

She added that Ross making a bad decision to propose at someone’s wedding became a bigger deal because he and Rachel were kicked out, and now that’s the most vivid memory guests will have from the wedding.

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