His Wife Was Devastated When Her Cousin’s Boyfriend Proposed In The Middle of Their Wedding Reception, So He Kicked The Couple Out

Dmitriy Shipilov - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Two weeks ago, this 32-year-old man and his wife, 26, got married. At the reception, his wife’s 24-year-old cousin, Rachel, attended with her boyfriend, Ross, 25.

It turned out that Ross had bought an engagement ring and had the ring in his pocket during the wedding reception, but he was hoping for the perfect moment to propose.

During the bouquet toss, Rachel was the one who caught it.

“Ross decided that Rachel catching the bouquet was a sign. So, immediately after Rachel caught the bouquet, Ross ran out to the dance floor and got down on one knee to propose to her,” he said.

“She said yes, and so, obviously, this shifted all of the attention onto Ross and Rachel. Everyone surrounded them to congratulate them, and then Rachel asked the DJ to play ‘their song’ for them to dance, which derailed the next few things we had planned.”

Understandably, he was irritated, especially because he and his wife had only booked their photographer for a specific amount of time, so they didn’t have time for specially planned moments to get off track.

However, he was devastated on behalf of his wife because he could tell that she was deeply upset that the attention was being diverted onto Ross and Rachel instead.

“My wife is really not the type of person to want a lot of attention or to be comfortable spending a lot of money on herself, so our wedding was the one special day when she was able to do so without feeling guilty about it, and seeing it get ruined for her was awful. I decided to ask Ross and Rachel to leave, and at the time, my wife agreed with me,” he explained.

After coming to this decision, he finally found a moment to talk to Ross alone while out on the dance floor.

Dmitriy Shipilov – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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