If You And Your Child Are Nervous About Starting A New School Year, Try Some of These Fun Back-To-School Traditions

nicoletaionescu - illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

All year long, you look forward to spending the summer with your kids–beach trips, bike rides, camping, fireworks, and water balloon fights. Then, suddenly, it’s back-to-school season again before you know it.

Back-to-school time can be stressful for both kids and parents. The long, leisurely days of lounging in the sun and wearing cut-off shorts are over. For kids, that means it’s time to launch headfirst into a brand-new school year filled with new teachers, new friends, and new lessons.

And for parents, it means worrying about shopping for school supplies, adjusting to new routines, and making sure kids are all caught up on their vaccinations.

So, if you and your child are nervous about starting a new school year, ease your anxieties with some fun back-to-school traditions, so not everything has to be entirely new. It’ll make the first day of school more memorable and exciting!

First Day Of School Fairy

Keep the magic alive by incorporating a fairy into your lives to handle the back-to-school labor. If your kids love the tooth fairy, they’ll adore this mysterious being, too.

The night before school, have the First Day Of School Fairy deliver essential supplies your kids will need for the school year. The fairy can also leave behind a note of encouragement, wishing them a great first day.

Turn It Into A Holiday For You

After dropping your kids off at school, head to brunch with a fellow parent and sip on mimosas. It’s a great way to let go of the stress that builds up over the first day of school.

nicoletaionescu – illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

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