It Really Stressed Her Out To Go On Vacation With Her Husband’s Cousins, Since They’re Too Passionate About Recycling, So She Doesn’t Want To Go On Vacation With Them Again

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This 31-year-old woman and her 32-year-old husband went on a weekend trip to a cabin in upstate New York last November, along with her husband’s cousins.

She did get to meet her husband’s cousins several times prior to their trip, but that cabin vacation marked the very first time that she went away with them.

Her husband has one second cousin in particular who is in his 40s, and this cousin and his wife are really passionate about recycling.

“For example, one night, there were about 25 people to feed, and they refused to use the eco-friendly paper plates I brought,” she explained.

“They actually told me off for bringing them, and we all used glass. We also brought a case of water in plastic bottles (which we never drink at home; we have a filter and use glasses, but do on the rare time we go away), and as soon as they saw it, they told us to bring it back to the car and that they didn’t want to see it again.”

“Everyone else had reusable water bottles. We had to go find a collapsible one that happened to be in our car and share that. They also yelled at me when I didn’t drink the last sip of my beer, which was warm since I had been drinking it for 2 hours, and they made me drink it before throwing it away because it “wastes cans.”

Later on, she put the can in the garbage, and the wife of her husband’s cousin yelled at her playfully, but the thing is, the town she lives in does not recycle cans, so they have to go in the garbage.

The whole trip was too overwhelming because of the insanity surrounding recycling. She and her husband paid the same amount of money as everyone else to be on the trip, so it really rubbed her the wrong way that her husband’s cousins tried to act like they were running the show.

It was just not a comfortable trip to go on. She does try to be eco-conscious in her own home. She composts, recycles to the extent that she is able to, and uses glass.

Marek – illustrative purposes only

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