Once She Got Pregnant, Her Mother-In-Law Started Behaving Bizarrely, And So She Doesn’t Want Her In The Delivery Room When She Has Her Baby

fotofrol - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Prior to this woman’s pregnancy, she had a great relationship with her mother-in-law.

However, once she got pregnant, there was a drastic change in her mother-in-law’s behavior. Immediately, her mother-in-law seemed to be trying to outdo her and compete with her. It was as if she was trying to compete for her husband’s attention, and her mother-in-law hadn’t done any of this throughout her marriage up until this point.

“Since I got pregnant, she has been stopping in randomly with gifts for my husband. Things like tools, money, and jewelry. My husband hates jewelry. He always has. The first time she brought over a bracelet, I said, ‘I love that! I bought him one just like it, but he won’t wear it.’ She said, ‘Well, I’m his MOM, so he WILL wear it. It’s a mom and son thing,'” she said.

Obviously, she thought this was strange.

Then, when her husband’s mother kept giving him money, it made him incredibly uncomfortable, and he told his mother he didn’t want her to give him money anymore. But she didn’t listen to him, and she said that she just wanted him to treat himself.

“But it’s just getting weirder. Like her randomly showing up to my doctor’s appointments and telling the nurses that she is my husband’s moral support and that she needs to ‘hold him up’?” she explained.

What’s even weirder about the way her mother-in-law is behaving is that this isn’t going to be her first grandchild. Her husband has two sisters and a brother (her husband is the youngest), and all of them already have children. His mother didn’t go to the births of any of her other grandchildren.

Several days ago, she had her baby shower, and her due date is coming up in just a few days.

As a baby shower gift, her mother-in-law gave her and her husband a car seat, even though she’d been aware that they’d already purchased one.

fotofrol – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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