People Who Live In The Country Share The Spine-Tingling Things That Really Happened To Them Out There In The Middle of Nowhere

“Mom wanted to keep yelling, but dad just got up from his chair and said “inside.” I think that’s one of the only times I’ve seen her listen to him.”


A Guy Just Standing There

Eva Stembera – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

“I live in a small neighborhood in Iowa, but in this instance, I was staying at a cousin’s house who pretty much lives in the middle of nowhere. Like, the closest neighbor was an hour away. I was around thirteen when this happened.”

“It was getting really late, my aunt and uncle had gone to bed, and I was sitting on the porch with my cousin. We were on the back porch, which looks out into the woods after quite a bit of field.”

“The woods were close enough for us to see things walking in and out, so we were watching deer and other various critters moving around and talking about this movie we were excited to see the next day.”

“It got super silent super fast, like dead silence. The crickets stopped chirping, and even the breeze itself just went away. My cousin grabbed onto my arm, and I looked over at her. She was just staring into the trees, so I looked with her.”

“In the trees, there was a guy just standing there. It was hard to make out the details of his face, but his jacket was all torn up. He was holding something, I think it was a rock or another heavy object, and just staring dead-eyed at us.”

“Naturally, we sprinted back into the house and hid in her bed. The next morning, we decided to go check it out, and there was no sign anyone had been there. The grass wasn’t flattened, there were no disturbances in anything around. It’s to this day the second creepiest unexplainable event that I’ve witnessed.”


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