She Admitted To Targeting Her Fiancé And Only Marrying Him For Money, And Now She Feels Like A Fraud

Svetlana Sokolova - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman has been with her fiancé for eight years, and they are finally about to tie the knot.

However, following their five-year anniversary, she told her then-boyfriend the truth about why she even started dating him in the first place. Apparently, she just wanted a better life and knew he could provide that.

“I let him know about five years in the reason we first met and that I targeted him,” she revealed.

“But I made sure he knew I loved him.”

Still, she’s not actually interested in getting married. She only wants to say “I do” in order to get “locked down” with her fiancé.

According to her, she needs to “position herself” in life and realizes that, with her fiancé by her side, she’ll have a much easier time surviving in the tough economy.

She did admit to truly loving her fiancé, and she even wants to have kids with him.

“I just know that this [marriage] wouldn’t be the case if money wasn’t a factor,” she said.

Still, even though she’s been transparent with both herself and her fiancé about her motivations for tying the knot, she still feels like a fraud. Even worse, she feels “gross” that she’s primarily getting married just to feel “locked in.”

Svetlana Sokolova – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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