She Arrived For A First Date With A Guy Dressed To The Nines, But He Only Had Sweatpants And A Sweatshirt On

He told her he would make it up to her, but for now, they could just get comfy, order some food, and get to know each other better. While they were chatting, he decided to turn on a TV show to serve as background noise.

The show he settled on was about murder cults. Immediately, Makenna became uncomfortable. Not to mention, he also had Luigi posters hanging up around his house. Things were getting too strange.

The conversation was also extremely odd. Within the first fifteen minutes of talking, he shared really personal information. For example, he told her all about how his ex-girlfriend broke up with him because her parents were bigots.

He was also persistent about being physical. He kept giving her an intense look as if he thought they should be kissing by now. Then, he asked the weirdest question she’d ever heard.

He asked her if she sweat, to which she replied that she did, as most people do. He kept pressing for information about how much she sweated and what areas of her body she sweated in the most.

He wanted to know if he could touch her sweat. Of course, Makenna told him no. But as soon as she got up to readjust her arms, he quickly reached over and swabbed her armpit to feel and smell her sweat.

Makenna was not okay with this, so she called her friend and had her pretend there was an emergency. As she was getting ready to leave, he pouted about how she wasn’t going to be sleeping over.

When she returned home, he texted her, saying that she was immature and that she should’ve informed him about how she was feeling from the start.

“Moral of the story–always follow your gut, stick to your boundaries, and make sure you meet any first date in public,” concluded Makenna.


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