She Decided To Not Go On A Second Date With A Guy Because of His Mansplaining

bobex73 - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

As a woman, have you ever experienced a time when a man confidently and inaccurately explained something super obvious to you? This phenomenon is called mansplaining, and sadly, it happens way too often.

TikToker @limpbellzkit is describing how she decided not to go on a second date with a guy because of his mansplaining.

So, she went on a date with a guy who resembled a well-known actor. He was extremely handsome, so she was really into him.

While on their date, he noticed that she was wearing a Batman lanyard and seemed slightly surprised that she liked superheroes. He also challenged her by saying that he didn’t think she could name ten villains from the DC comics.

When she rattled off ten names, purposefully omitting the Joker, he was impressed. But then, he told her that she had forgotten about Thanos. She looked at him in utter disbelief. At that point, she no longer cared that he looked like a very attractive actor.

She was a huge Marvel fan, so the fact that he had mistaken Thanos for being part of the DC universe was a turn-off for her. She ended up ghosting him, ignoring his requests for a second date.

It might seem petty of her, but it wasn’t just about how he got his superhero franchises mixed up.  She really didn’t appreciate how he had assumed that she didn’t like superheroes because she was a girl. And then, he tried to act like he knew more than her about a subject that she was well-versed in.

Several TikTok users believed that she was completely justified in ghosting him and shared the reasons they opted out of going on a second date with a guy.

“He wore sweatpants to the first date, and I left halfway in,” commented one user.

bobex73 – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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