She Ended A Relationship Because The Guy Had A Dog He Didn’t Tell Her About, And Pets Are A Dealbreaker For Her

Yana - illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

This 29-year-old woman doesn’t want kids or pets. While she adores both, she doesn’t want to take on the immense effort involved in raising children and taking care of pets.

She doesn’t mind babysitting or pet sitting for friends or family when needed, but she has never had the desire to have any children or pets of her own.

Because of this, she has struggled with dating. From her experience, the vast majority of people in the dating scene have kids or pets, or both. She tried online dating apps like Bumble but with no luck.

“I pretty much gave up on dating entirely and adopted this, ‘Whatever happens, happens’ mindset,” she said.

Then, one of her co-workers, whom she considers a close friend, told her that one of her husband’s single friends would be a great person for her to go on a date with.

Her friend thought she’d click with him, and her friend knew her feelings concerning children and pets. So, she said yes when her friend asked if she could plan a blind date for the two of them.

She had a fabulous time on the date, and the guy was really nice. They had similar passions and life aspirations in common, which was a big deal for her, and she had a lot of fun being around him.

After the first date, she went out with him a few more times, and their relationship felt it was naturally progressing and like they would eventually become an official couple.

From the beginning, he was aware that she didn’t want children or pets, and she’d made sure he knew this right away since they were dealbreakers for her. Coincidentally, he felt the same way she did.

Yana – illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

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