She Ended A Relationship Because The Guy Had A Dog He Didn’t Tell Her About, And Pets Are A Dealbreaker For Her

Over the last six months, they dated but kept things casual. However, last week, he said that three months ago, his mother had gotten incredibly sick.

So, he took his mother’s 3-year-old corgi-heeler mix to his house, and he is going to be keeping the dog permanently.

Due to his mother’s illness, they otherwise would have had to rehome the dog. His mother requested that he keep the dog instead so that she could still visit her when she felt up to it.

Even though this was obviously one of her dealbreakers, she attempted to see how she felt about it before ending the relationship because she had really strong feelings for him.

But when she went to see him, the dog was a complete nightmare.

“She was whining the whole time, has severe separation anxiety, goes to the bathroom in the house despite just being outside, and even, like, nipping your nose while licking your face? I couldn’t handle it, and I told him that within three hours of being around the dog,” she shared.

She knew that she wasn’t going to be able to enjoy dating him with the dog around, and she wanted to just escape.

When she told him that she didn’t want to see him anymore, he pleaded with her to try and give it some more time to get used to the dog.

He explained that he couldn’t rehome his mother’s dog, and she responded and said she was sorry but that she knew now that things weren’t going to work out between them.

She continued and told him that while she has strong feelings for him and would love to be able to keep dating him, she doesn’t want this dog to be in her life for the next decade when she didn’t ever want a pet in the first place.

Now, he feels hurt, and she can see his perspective, but this was one of her dealbreakers from the start.

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