She Found Out Her Boyfriend Was Cheating On Her, So She Gave Him An Ultimatum: He Had To Come To Her Place That Night Or They Were Over, And He Told Her He Had To Stay Home To Change Cat Litter

Tatyana Gladskih - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Breaking up with your first love is tough stuff. When it happens, it might feel impossible to see that there’s light at the end of the tunnel, but as they say, time can heal all wounds.

TikToker Tamara Fedorchuk (@tamarafedorchuk) is talking about how she and her first love ended up calling it quits.

They met when they were both 14-years-old. Their families were close with each other, and from the start, he had really liked Tamara. He constantly did everything he could to try to win her over. It was known by all their peers that he was super in love with her and would not give up on her.

So, they dated on and off throughout high school and were still together after graduating and entering college. Once she was at college, Tamara dove into her studies and got involved with the whole college experience.

However, her boyfriend was stuck in a place where he wanted to hang out with his high school friends all the time. So, he would always be at the high school while she was on the opposite side of the city. They agreed to move out together so they could spend more time with each other.

But this was when they started running into problems with their relationship. He got cold feet because he was not yet ready to leave his high school life behind.

One day, they decided to book a weekend getaway. They reconnected while on the trip and ended up having the best time together. Tamara was feeling really positive about their relationship.

However, once they returned home, he began acting weirdly. He stopped texting her throughout the day but would frequently text her at eleven in the morning and eleven at night.

She became fed up with the lack of communication. At that point, they were barely even in a relationship. Eventually, she found out that he had been cheating on her. One night, she gave him an ultimatum. If he didn’t come over to her place that night, then their relationship was done.

Tatyana Gladskih – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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