She Found Out Her Boyfriend Was Cheating On Her, So She Gave Him An Ultimatum: He Had To Come To Her Place That Night Or They Were Over, And He Told Her He Had To Stay Home To Change Cat Litter

He agreed and told her that they could work everything out. He said that he would be there by nine p.m. but then pushed the time back to ten. She fell asleep waiting for him to arrive, but he never showed up.

She woke up at two in the morning to a text message from him, containing a weak excuse as to why he couldn’t make it to her place.

Instead of saying that he had a flat tire or that he had to drive someone to the hospital, he told her he needed to go home to change his dad’s cat litter.

Immediately after they broke up, he was publicly hanging out with the girl he cheated on her with. Tamara blocked him on everything, along with anyone associated with him in any way.

After about five months, she finally got over him and saw him for who he was: a toxic liar and cheater.


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