She Took Her Nephew To College With Her For A Week, And Even Though He Was Super Well Behaved, Some of Her Classmates Are Upset With Her

Vasyl - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 19-year-old girl’s sister and brother-in-law had a family emergency, and so they asked her to take their 5-year-old son for a week.

The whole thing was entirely unexpected, and so it’s not like she had any notice in being put on the spot to care for her nephew.

Her sister and brother-in-law just called her up and asked if she could take him, and he was at her apartment less than two hours later.

She is currently a full-time student in college, and she works part-time at a daycare when she’s not in class.

Since her sister and brother-in-law live an hour away from where she does, it was not possible for her to drive her nephew to school every day and then pick him up later on.

She then decided to send all of her professors emails, and her boss too, inquiring if it would be alright for her to bring her nephew with her to class as well as work.

Luckily, everyone was alright with this, so that’s exactly what she did for the week.

“When I took him to class, he had an iPad and headphones, a little Lego set, and coloring books and crayons,” she explained.

“He sat quietly in the back of class every day. He was also great at my work. The problem is, now I have people in a few of my classes upset that I brought him. They’re saying it’s distracting, and I should’ve gotten a babysitter instead of taking him with me.”

Vasyl – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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