She Walked Out of Her Mom And Dad’s Anniversary Party When Her Sister Started Playing The Piano

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This 23-year-old woman has an intense love of music. She plays the piano, but tragically, she was in a car accident, and her hands were damaged.

“I lost some of my ability. I was decently good at it, but now I’d just say I’m okay,” she said.

Growing up, she and her sister, Ava, 22, both took piano lessons because their parents wanted them to.

Ava didn’t enjoy playing the piano, but she was amazing at it. Their piano teacher constantly praised Ava, and this made her so jealous that it caused a lot of tension in her relationship with Ava.

“Our parents’ 25th anniversary was a couple of months ago. I started to plan their party with all of our family members,” she explained.

“They wanted some music, so I offered to play the piano. They asked me if Ava could play instead, knowing it was a sore subject. I told them it would mean a lot to me if I could play, and I had spent a lot of time practicing.”

Despite her requests to play the piano, her family members doubled down on Ava playing instead, adding that they’d already asked Ava, and she’d accepted their request.

In response, she told her family that if she wasn’t the one playing the piano at her parents’ anniversary party, she wouldn’t help to plan anymore and wouldn’t even attend the party.

“Ava then told me that I just needed to accept that she was playing and that she was better at it and told me I was being resentful of her for something that wasn’t her fault,” she shared.

Pixel-Shot – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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