Her Mom Always Had Toxic Rules Around Food Growing Up, And Now She’s Giving Her A Taste of Her Own Medicine

Anna Maloverjan - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Unfortunately, people raised by lousy parents often don’t realize how harmful their childhood days were until they grow up and enter adulthood.

One teenager has come to realize just how toxic her mother is when it comes to food and has decided to give her a taste of her own medicine. 

She’s 19-years-old, and her mom is 40. She’s currently in college and hasn’t seen her family in a while since they decided to move abroad a year ago. 

Being away from her family has given her a lot of time to reflect and realize that her mother had some strange and borderline abusive habits while she was growing up, particularly surrounding food.

“To outline the situation, we were never allowed to take food from the kitchen without asking,” she said.

“If we were caught doing so, it was called ‘stealing,’ and we would be shouted at and sometimes punished. It escalated at some point to locks being placed on the cupboards, a transparent ‘meat lock’ being placed in the fridge, and a camera being installed in the kitchen. She would monitor how many times a day I’d be in the kitchen.”

When she was in school, she was never sent with a bagged lunch and was also never given any money to buy lunch. If she helped cook dinner at home, she never got to eat any leftovers.

It wasn’t until she got older and could be on her own that she began to understand how uncommon her mom’s rules surrounding food were, and she became angry with her mom for what she used to do.

Now that her mom will be visiting her place, she plans on enforcing the same food rules in her home so that her mom can get a taste of her own medicine.

Anna Maloverjan – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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