She Wants Her Husband To Start Going Into The Office More Often Because He Keeps Stepping On Her Toes While Working From Home

She doesn’t mind that, either, since it works for them. The only thing she wants is for her husband to actually leave the house when he works since the only thing he has to worry about is his job.

According to her, her husband just hovers when he is working. He either works while standing in the kitchen or sitting on the couch in their living room. Other times, her husband will work while lying in their bed, and she just cannot get away from him.

“He’s just always near me 24/7. He’s always talking to me, always asking what I’m doing or where I’m going, etc., in a friendly way,” she revealed.

And while she knows that her husband isn’t trying to be a nuisance, he just gets in her way. For instance, she likes to fold laundry on their bed, but he is always in their bedroom working.

Then, if she ever asks him to move, he will just tell her no and make her find somewhere else to fold the laundry.

Not to mention, her husband also naps most days– which hinders her access to the bedroom– and he was home every single day last week.

So, this morning, she finally had enough and mentioned how her husband could maybe go into the office for a day or two each week. That way, she could get some breathing room.

Well, her husband didn’t understand why she wanted him out of the house and got super offended.

“And not in a sad, feelings hurt kind of way,” she recalled.

Instead, her husband was just angry and claimed that he would “stay out of her hair” while he was home. Her husband also told her not to ask for any help and accused her of not enjoying hanging out with him.

Apparently, her husband just loves “being in the mix” and staying involved in their home.

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