She Went On A Date With A Guy Who Made Her Pay For Her Own Food Before Asking What He Should Say To Pick Up Another Woman

Lukas - illustrative purposes only

A TikToker who goes by the name of Ko (@datingwithko) is talking about how a guy asked her what he should say to pick up another woman on a dating app while they were still on a date together. She claims that this experience was among the top five worst dates of her life.

For her, the first red flag that cropped up was when he proposed they go to a casual chain restaurant specializing in Italian-American cuisine. Ko immediately declined and suggested they go to a food hall instead.

The food hall contained multiple food vendors, and they ended up picking different stalls. When she stopped to order her food, he walked away, leaving her to pay for her own food.

Ko realized that the date could not be salvaged. He wasn’t her type and didn’t seem serious enough. At that point, they had been talking for nearly two hours, so she felt bad about not wanting to give him another chance.

Toward the end of the date, she was reconsidering going on a second date with him, that is, until he landed on the subject of dating apps.

When he opened up the Hinge app, Ko made a comment about how there were lots of great options on one of the tabs in the app.

She mentioned in passing that one of the girls who had popped up on the screen was cute, thinking that would be the end of the conversation.

However, he excitedly agreed, grabbed the phone out of her hands, and had the audacity to ask Ko what he should say to the girl.

Ko was in shock, and any chance this guy had of a second date with her immediately evaporated into thin air.

Lukas – illustrative purposes only

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