She’s Been Hooking Up With Her Best Friend’s Husband Ever Since Her Best Friend Ruined Her Own Marriage By Cheating With Her Husband

“We meet a few times a week now,” she revealed, “And we decided this is as far as we’d take our ‘relationship.'”

After all, she already has two young kids at home, and she just does not have any time to start dating. But she still misses physical closeness, and her best friend’s husband is able to fill that role.

She also thinks that the guy treats her well and doesn’t expect anything in return.

“Besides, we are in this mess because of what our spouses did to us,” she reasoned.

Nonetheless, she cannot help but wonder whether seeing her best friend’s husband– even if her best friend cheated with her husband– is still the wrong thing to do.

Can you understand why she feels justified in doing this after her best friend betrayed her? Even so, does that mean it’s right? Would you be able to remain in this “situationship?” Or do you think she should cut her best friend’s husband off and find someone else? 

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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