She’s Been Spraying Her Signature Perfume On Her Boyfriend’s Bed To Manipulate Him Into Thinking About Her More, And She Isn’t Sure If It’s Harmless Or Just Crazy

Pixel-Shot - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Some girls use journaling or manifestation in hopes that they might get a crush to think about them more.

But, one girl has taken it a step further– using scents to manipulate her boyfriend.

For context, this woman has an organic herbal body mist that smells “super yum” and has been her signature scent for the past three years. So, she obviously loves it.

And now that she has a boyfriend and lives with him, she has been trying to use the scent to subconsciously influence him.

“Basically, I have been secretly spraying my boyfriend and I’s shared bed with it before we go to sleep,” she revealed.

She has been doing this for quite a while, too, and her boyfriend has never questioned anything or asked about the smell. Instead, he actually seems to enjoy it.

“He has mentioned a few times that he likes how I smell, so it shouldn’t bother him,” she noted.

However, it’s not the fact that she sprays their bed with perfume that’s been making her feel a little guilty. It’s the reason why she decided to start doing it in the first place.

Apparently, she has been coating their bed with perfume because she wanted her boyfriend to be reminded of her. She hoped that she would be the last person he thought about at the end of each day, and she even wanted him to dream about her, too.

Pixel-Shot – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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