She’s Explaining How You Can Tell If You Drowned In A Past Life

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Have you ever wondered how you died in a past life? Maybe it was in a way that was completely tragic. If so, the fear of it happening again can show up in your present life.

For instance, you could’ve died by falling from a tall tower, and now, you have a huge fear of heights. Or perhaps you were stabbed to death in a previous lifetime, which has made you afraid of knives.

Discovering how you died in a past life can be really eye-opening. Once you figure it out, you’ll be able to begin to let go of your phobias and the negative memories stored in your soul.

Stephanie (@thecelticsbrew) is a spiritual coach, and she’s on TikTok explaining how you can tell if you died by drowning in a past life. Here are some of the signs.

First of all, Stephanie states that you might have a deep fascination with the Titanic or any shipwrecks in general.

Another sign is that you might be fine swimming in a pool, but you will never find yourself on a cruise because being in an open body of water is absolutely terrifying to you.

Furthermore, when anyone touches you while you’re in the water, you become agitated and upset.

Even if you are personally not scared of meeting your end while in the water, you may still have a connection with an instance of drowning in your past life.

“Maybe you don’t have a fear of yourself drowning but someone else close to you–a parent, sibling, child. This usually indicates that you didn’t die by drowning in a past life, but someone close to you did,” said Stephanie.

pharut – illustrative purposes only

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