She’s Explaining How You Can Tell If You Drowned In A Past Life

Studies have documented many cases where individuals had birthmarks on their bodies that resembled a fatal injury they suffered from a past life.

In her video, Stephanie also mentioned that there isn’t a specific birthmark that indicates drowning and added a reminder that you won’t have a past birthmark from every life you’ve lived.

Several TikTok users shared their personal fears of water, believing them to be possible signs that they also died by drowning long ago.

“I’ve got a crippling fear of tsunamis, and they are impossible where I live,” commented one user.

“I had a past life regression done, and I was a passenger on the Titanic and went down with the ship,” stated another.

“I panic going over bridges with water under them, like roll my windows down and undo my belt so I can get out just in case,” revealed a third.

What about you? Do you think you died by drowning in a past life?


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