Why You Need To Plan All Of Your Outfits In The Beginning Of The Week

When you were a little kid, did your parents ever try and convince you to plan your outfits for the day or week ahead of time because you had a habit of running late?

As it turns out, it’s a little trick that ends up being super beneficial at any age.

Even as an adult, I still sometimes struggle with picking out an outfit each morning and starting my day with no idea what I should wear, eventually making me late.

If you often find yourself in the same situation and are desperate for smoother, less stressful mornings, here’s some solid advice to get you feeling more prepared and dressed to the nines every day of the week.

Starting on a Sunday, sit down and write on a sheet of paper, in a journal, or on your computer each day of the upcoming week. Then, take a look at your weather app and write down the high and low temperatures for each day and any other sort of notable weather conditions like rain or wind.

You can also write down any important events or things happening each day of your week that may require a certain outfit. Once you’ve done all that, head to your closet and pick out an outfit for every day of the upcoming week based on your findings. Set aside each complete outfit in your closet or take a picture of it to remember it.

Then, every morning, you’ll wake up and know exactly what you’re going to wear. How nice is that?

Using this organizational method is great for many reasons, one of which is that you feel a lot more secure throughout the week. It’s really uncomfortable when you quickly rush to throw an outfit together in the morning, then spend all day paranoid about whether or not it looks good.

In addition to feeling your best, you’ll also be able to rework your entire morning routine because you’ll have saved all the time you would’ve spent digging through your closet and drawers. Instead, you can use that time to sit down and enjoy your breakfast, work out, or even just get a few more minutes of sleep.


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