Her Boyfriend Has Been Sending Several Girls Money For Feet Pictures Without Her Knowing, And She Feels Like This Is Cheating

gstockstudio - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 20-year-old girl has a boyfriend who is 22, and they have been dating for more than a year now.

She just learned that her boyfriend has been sending money to several different girls in exchange for pictures of their feet, and to her, this crosses the line into cheating.

Initially, he refused to admit that he was doing this even though she knew it was true and confronted him about it, but eventually, he gave in and told her the truth.

“He’s done some suspicious things in the past, so I found this to be my final way out,” she explained.

“I don’t…shame, but if you’re in a committed relationship with someone, it could be something worth mentioning.”

“I knew he was into feet because of our…experiences together, so I feel like it could have been asked of me and not tons of other women behind my back.”

When she pointed that out to her boyfriend, he stated that he was too humiliated to ask her for photos, so that’s why he was asking other girls instead of asking her.

That made her feel sick to her stomach, and so she’s planning on never speaking to him again and simply moving on with her life without him in it.

There’s nothing for her to explain as far as she’s concerned because this is not being faithful in her book.

gstockstudio – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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