Her Fiancé Wants Her To Sign A Prenup Because He’s Worried That She Could Cheat And Take His Money, But That Doesn’t Make Any Sense To Her Since They Earn Six Figures

iuricazac - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Several months ago, this woman and her fiancé got engaged.

After dating for two years, her then-boyfriend told her that if they got married, he would want a prenup.

While she wasn’t worried about the idea of signing a prenup at first, she did think about how, during the first year of their relationship, she paid three months of his part of the rent because he’d been laid off from his job.

Up until that point, her fiancé had been earning more money and paying more than she did, but she thought it wasn’t fair that she did this for him when he never paid her back the rent money that she loaned him.

Plus, she didn’t feel comfortable with the idea of signing a prenup that would state he wouldn’t provide her with financial support if they divorced.

“He explained he was just worried because men get cheated all the time with divorces. I felt like he just saw me as a greedy gold-digger, even though we are both six-figure earners,” she said.

She works as a technical writer while he has a job as a programmer.

Also, she was concerned because her fiancé started watching certain inflammatory videos that were negative regarding women. He would constantly parrot their talking points, claiming that men get the short end of the stick when it comes to the dating world and relationships with women.

Ironically, her fiancé’s parents have a wonderful and successful marriage; his sister married her boyfriend from college, and they are extremely happy, and the majority of his friends are in healthy relationships.

iuricazac – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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