Her Husband Expressed That He Can No Longer Live With Their Dog, So Now She Is Actually Choosing The Pup Over Her Husband

Photo 161855009 © Eva Blanco - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Eight years ago, this woman was just dating her now-husband, and she bought their son a puppy. Their son was 5 or 6-years-old at the time.

When she did this, her then-boyfriend told her that he didn’t like pets and didn’t want to live in a house with pets. They weren’t yet living together.

During this time, her two children from a previous relationship, who are now adults and have since moved out, were living with her. She and all of her children adored the puppy from the beginning.

The puppy she bought for her son is a toy fox terrier.

“Besides a little ‘short man’s syndrome,’ he is a really good dog. He is trained to use the bathroom outside (he has had a few accidents when we forgot to let him out before bed). He does have some kind of medical condition the vet hasn’t been able to diagnose in which every few weeks, he will have an ‘episode’ where his body trembles and his back legs drag. It usually lasts for less than five minutes, and he recovers quickly,” she said.

Four or five years ago, she was in a difficult financial situation, so her then-boyfriend suggested that she move in with him, as well as her children and her dog.

She agreed, so she sold her house and moved in with her boyfriend.

Unfortunately, her boyfriend quickly started to get frustrated with the amount of shedding from the dog. Plus, he didn’t want the dog in the kitchen, but the dog constantly would run from the dining room into the kitchen.

To keep his house clean, she swept more regularly and gave the dog more frequent baths. Once she started doing this, her boyfriend seemed less annoyed with the dog, and he stopped whining.

Photo 161855009 © Eva Blanco – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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