He’s Sharing 5 Hilarious Ways His Toddler Daughter Recently Gaslit Him

Halfpoint - illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

If you’ve ever spent time with a toddler, you know that they have no filter for the small amount of language they know.

And they will say anything and everything that they are thinking. One dad is sharing some of the things his 3-year-old daughter says to him.

“Hi there, I’m back with 5 more ways my 3-year-old gaslighted me this week. Number 1) Daddy, can you itch my ‘crash’? (She’s got a rash, calls it crash) Can you itch my crash? I itch it for her gently. Ow! Daddy! Don’t itch my crash? Hurting me!” he said.

“Number 2) Daddy, can I have some cheese? I cut some cheese, give her the cheese. Daddy! I said cheese and ham! No, you didn’t, but fine. Chucks the ham across the room… I don’t want ham! I said just cheese,” he shared.

Now, anyone who has babysat or had a toddler knows that this is a regular occurrence. They will say one thing and then change what they said two seconds later, and then switch back to the original statement.

Kids change their minds with the drop of a hat, and there is normally never any logic behind it, at least not at such a young age.

“Number 3) practically begs me to do a ‘TikTok live’ with her and promises she’ll be polite to people. The second anyone asks her to say ‘Hi,’ I’m like, ‘Oh, can you say hi to Ellie?’ Hi poo poo Ellie!” he shared.

“Number 4) screaming the house down while her mum’s sick in bed. I say, ‘Be quiet.’ She says, ‘I AM BEING QUIET!'” he continued.

Both of these examples are really funny. I can’t begin to tell you the number of times that one of my younger cousins has walked up to me and said just the most random stuff ever.

Halfpoint – illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

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