She Ended Her Friendship With Her Best Friend Because Her Husband Kept Cheating And She Couldn’t Stand By Watching The Infidelity

antgor - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

For the last decade, this 30-year-old woman and Sarah, 31, have been best friends.

Sarah and her husband, Mark, 40, have been together for eight years and got married a year ago. They have three children.

Unfortunately, Mark has cheated on Sarah at least four times, and those are only the occurrences that they’re aware of.

“Within the last couple of years, Sarah lost both her mom and brother, both within six months of each other. For further proof of how awful Mark is, he used her deceased brother’s motorcycle to pick up girls he was having an affair with. Mark used her grief as an opportunity to cheat while she was distracted,” she said.

Two weeks before their wedding, Sarah discovered that Mark had a secret girlfriend on the side who was sending money to him because he’d lost his job and needed financial help.

Once Sarah learned about this, she canceled the wedding.

However, two years later, she married him despite his previous infidelity.

As time passed, she grew more tired of witnessing Sarah put up with Mark’s cheating.

Eventually, she could no longer handle the idea of just standing by while Sarah refused to walk away from him, and she expressed this to Sarah.

antgor – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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