She Freaked Out And Started Crying After Her Boyfriend Finished A Whole Container Of Sour Cream That She Bought In One Day

lado2016 - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman says that where she lives, groceries cost an arm and a leg, and it’s caused her to have to make some changes in how she budgets for the food she buys.

She needs to pay attention to every single penny she has to ensure that she gets the most out of her money.

Each week, she sets a budget for what she can spend on her groceries, and she also plans out every single one of her meals too.

What she purchases in a given week is it; she does not make additional trips to the grocery store unless it is completely and utterly necessary.

Now, she lives with her boyfriend, and he pays for 30% of their groceries while she foots the other 70% of their bill for food.

Her boyfriend pitches in more money for their utilities, so it does end up being equal between them.

She does always mention to her boyfriend that if he wants different food or finds himself hungry after eating what she makes, he has to buy something else himself.

For this week’s groceries, she purchased a regular-sized container of sour cream, and she planned on splitting it between three meals she was going to make for them.

Yesterday, when she got home from work, she went to grab the sour cream so she could cook dinner, but it was missing.

lado2016 – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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