She Left Her Sister’s Wedding Because Her Sister Claimed She Was Showing Too Much Skin

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Not long ago, this 18-year-old woman went to her 39-year-old sister’s wedding. While the wedding was amazing, the ceremony was when the day took a turn for the worse.

For all of her life, she has been a higher weight, and she didn’t want this to be a problem for her sister’s wedding.

At first, it seemed like her sister wasn’t going to cause issues because she asked her if she would be the flower girl.

“It’s usually a child, but she doesn’t have children, and she practically raised me, so, in her eyes, I was her child,” she said.

“I felt honored and cried at the thought that she loved me so much to go through with that because she and her husband are usually very traditional, and her telling me she saw me as her daughter had me extremely emotional.”

Her sister took her to go shopping for a dress, and her sister even purchased the dress for her, telling her that she adored the dress that they’d picked out.

“The theme was a rose garden, so I got a nice floor length, slightly body-hugging pastel red dress with a slit on the side and a couple of cutouts around my waist, but, again, she picked it out herself,” she explained.

Normally, she doesn’t wear clothes that show off her body that much, and doing so often makes her feel uncomfortable, but her sister really wanted her to wear this dress in particular.

Over the several weeks before the wedding, she asked her sister multiple times if she was still okay with her wearing the dress that they’d chosen. Every single time, her sister assured her that she was still completely happy with the dress she was going to wear.

IVASHstudio – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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