She Let Her Sister And Nephew, Who Has ASD, Move In So He Could Attend A Better School District, But Now Her Other Sister Also Wants To Use Her Address To Send Her Kids To The Same School

Photo 64675049 - © Goodluz - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman’s sister, Jane, has a son with autism named James.

Jane is a single mother, and not long ago, James was struggling in school.

Unfortunately, the school district James is in has limited funding, and no one seems to care what effects this will have on the students.

She lives in an area with reputable schools, and she’s heard from her neighbors who are parents with children attending the schools that there are wonderful programs available for students who have needs similar to James’.

Because she had the available space in her room, she asked Jane if she and James wanted to move in with her so that he’d be able to attend one of the schools in her neighborhood.

Jane took her up on this, and James has been succeeding in his new school.

“The teachers and aides are much more engaged than at his old school. They’ve really been helping him work through some of his behaviors as well,” she said.

In response to James having the opportunity to attend a better school, her other sister, Leah, has been acting strangely.

Aside from having a more attentive team, including his teacher and aides, James has chances to participate in other activities and access tools that his other school hadn’t provided. It’s been a wonderful experience for him.

Photo 64675049 – © Goodluz – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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