She’s Starting To Feel Suffocated By Her Boyfriend’s Gym Habits Because He Only Ever Wants To Go With Her And Do All The Same Workouts - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman doesn’t think she would describe herself as super toned or muscular, and she wouldn’t mind being a bit fitter.

She is 5’8” and 128 pounds, while her boyfriend is 5’8” and 171 pounds.

While she doesn’t believe it’s a necessity for her or her boyfriend to go to the gym when she does work out at the gym, she really enjoys it, and it makes her feel great.

Over the past month, her goal was to go to the gym every day, and when she started doing this, she realized that her boyfriend relies on her in order for him to feel motivated to go to the gym.

Sometimes, she didn’t feel up to going to the gym or would take a nap instead. At other times, she didn’t want to go out in bad weather.

Whenever she didn’t go, her boyfriend would complain and get frustrated, saying he’d been really hoping to go to the gym that day.

“He’d talk about how disappointed he is. It feels crazy to me that he NEEDS me in order to go to the gym when I love going alone to the gym. The other issue is, when we are in the gym, he ALWAYS wants to do the same equipment at the same time,” she said.

From her perspective, she would rather that they separate and do their own thing during their workouts. She would like to be able to work out on her own, but when she tries to do this, her boyfriend constantly complains until she uses the equipment that he wants.

Understandably, this has caused her to not have as much fun at the gym. – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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